The Mangusta 54 is an Offshore Fantasyland That Unfurls Like A Panties-Dropping Transformer

All Photos: Mangusta Yachts

If you like your yachts like Swiss Army knives, unfurling with utilitarian tools and “oh wow” tricks, look no further than the Mangusta 54, a ridiculously cool oceangoing fantasyland that will make your offshore nemeses weep. When Mangusta says 54, they don’t mean feet, they mean meters; 177′ of sun-eclipsing brawn with 8,000 horsepower that’s styled like an unforgiving, sporty sea-bullet, yet warm and cozy enough for a baby-making honeymoon. The wood, white & blue interiors are just dreamy enough for you to believe in God.

Of course the Mangusta 54 is chocked full of goodies, like a massive bow-borne swimming pool and jacuzzi for both spirited matches of marco! polo! and Dom-fueled foot massaging. But where the boat shines is how the superstructure and hull butterflies open to reveal hidden boats and jet skis, and your own private beach club nestled in the stern. Better yet, imagine waking up off South Beach, grabbing the remote control, and robo-opening the walls of the full-beam master suite to unfurl a glass-floored balcony just in time for a civilized breakfast. Looking down, one could state, “Hey, fish, how’s it going this morning?” without a hint of irony. That would be so cool.

After you pull up anchor in South Pointe, feel free to browse the world with your 4,200 mile range, which is almost Miami to London or Miami to Rio de Janeiro, with plenty of room for 10 friends in four spare staterooms.

On the flybridge, there’s of course a gargantuan lounge and fully stocked liquor bar for afternoon backgammon and spicy bloody Mary’s, rims protruding with giant prawns and hand-carved bacon. Watch the video, and see for yourself.

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