Paul Allen’s $326,000,000 Yacht is so Massive, it Poops Submarines

Paul Allen, the tech titan / world explorer / sports teams owner / Microsoft co-founder who died in 2018, legendarily loved his yacht Octopus. So much so that the longer-than-a-football field, 414-foot beast wasn’t marginalized as a mere rosé-sipping floatie, but as an unmatched “pinnacle explorer yacht” Allen used to traipse the globe, from the Northwest Passage (read: basically the North Pole) to Antarctica and every continent in-between. He also used Octopus for legendary A-list celebrity parties in Cannes and St. Barths (read: Steven Spielberg, Denzel Washington, Linda Evangelista, Jon Bon Jovi, on and on) that lasted for days, if not weeks, with Allen playing lead guitar with his liveaboard house band, er, yacht band.

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Shopping for a gigayacht? Octopus is now for sale for the decidedly non-fire-sale price of $326 million, a shocking number considering the Lürssen-built yacht is almost 17 years old. How much would Octopus cost to build today? A bill?

Just how big is she? Imagine pulling up to a cruise ship fuel dock for 224,400 gallons of diesel, lackadaisically swiping your black AMEX for $785,400, then taking your private elevator back to your private, bulletproof 8th floor Owner’s Deck to make sweet love to whomever you wanted. Because with this yacht, literally everyone on earth is swiping right on you.

After you Venmo $326 million to Burgess Yachts, Octopus’s exclusive broker, what precisely did you acquire? You got 30 luxurious cabins for 26 guests (plus berths for 65 crew members); Storage for 2 submarines, 2 helicopters, 7 smaller boats, an ROV robot, and a large SUV; 2 helipads; Basketball court; Discotheque; Professional recording studio; Movie theater; Underwater observation lounge; Beach club; Multiple bars ; Freshwater swimming pool; and a Dive center with hyperbaric chamber. Wow.

Best of all, when Octopus is yours, you can absurdly claim at dinner parties that your yacht poops submarines. There can be nothing better than that. Watch the spellbinding Octopus sales video to see for yourself.

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