Cult Fragrance Le Labo Wants You to Smell Like Miami

Le Labo, the wildly popular fragrance house that has become synonymous with the well-coiffed, unisex, gender-flexible, omni-sexual, fashion-obsessed, millenial-hipster set has created a Miami-specific scent called Tabac 28 that will remind you of your sexiest night out in our sultry town.

If you’re unfamiliar with Le Labo and its magical hold on anyone with a sense of smell, just walk through any heavily-populated lounge or club in any metropolitan area and you’ll get a whiff of the woodsy, bergamot and cedarwood-inflected olfactory candy. The New York Times called their Santal 33 the “perfume you smell everywhere.” They have custom-designed scents that get pumped into the hotel lobbies of the 1 Hotel and the Miami Beach Edition. Tiny sample-sized vials go for $15 on Amazon while regular bottles range from $180-$300. The New York-based brand has boutiques around the world – including one with its signature industrial meets shabby-luxe aesthetic here in Wynwood – where perfumers hand-mix the fragrances in mini-laboratories in the store.

Local restaurateur Shareef Malnik is a fan, as is Papi Steak partner David Einhorn while food influencer Gio Gutierrez of Chat Chow has a bathroom vanity brimming with Le Labo products and fashion blogger Maria Tettamanti admits that their $50 bars of soap are her weakness. 

So we were certainly jazzed when we got our hands a bottle of Tabac 28, “compounded” at the Wynwood boutique and brimming with notes of tobacco, rum, cedarwood and green cardamom. It’s almost like walking into a humidor crossed with an oak barrel washed in rum and then topped off with a spicy walk down Calle Ocho. It’s perfect for a night out listening to live Cuban music at Ball and Chain made more fun by copious amounts of Real Havana Club Rum cocktails and chased with a medianoche on the way home to ensure you can wake up for work the next day. In other words: Miami in a bottle. Go out and get it.

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