Walking into the cozy-chic office of Skincare by Amy Peterson one is immediately put in a serene mood with soft lighting, comfortable furniture and a staff that is professional yet personable. Helmed by licensed medical esthetician Peterson who has worked as a clinical skincare educator for major brands before starting her own practice, this medspa is the go-to for Miami women who want the latest in skincare technology with a personalized approach. Curious about red light therapy? Wondering if you should try EmSculpt NEO (you know, the non-invasive body shaping procedure that simulates the effects of 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes)? Feeling like maybe you should try some fillers or other non-surgical procedures? Peterson will guide you through it like a sherpa on the Everest of skincare decisions.

Taking an ultra-informed and varied approach to her treatments, Peterson seeks to uncover the “why” behind skin issues so she can expertly tackle the “how.” She often uses many modalities in a single treatment to tackle multiple skin layers and promote ultimate healing. Most importantly, she wants clients to leave her office feeling confident and radiant in their own skin. We sat down with Peterson to get the low down on the all new tech and product discoveries.

Q: What sets Skincare by Amy Peterson apart from other skincare practices in Miami?

A:  Education is a big one. Everyone is trained not just to understand how to do everything, but why we are doing it. And we explain this to the clients so they get educated. I traveled to aesthetic offices for years as an educator, and I felt something was missing in terms of the patient experience. It’s a delicate balance between luxury and warmth and a personal touch. We treat our clients like family and routinely check in on them to see how results are. We are invested in you. And every sensory experience from the scent to the feel underfoot has been thought out.

Q:  How often should an individual get a facial?

A: That depends, but for most people every four to six weeks is ideal. My best clients are the preemptive ones who come in for routine maintenance. They don’t wait until too much work needs to be done and they are always glowing.

Q: I have a limited budget but I want to see results in one area of my body — what do you recommend?

A: Normally I would say layering treatments is most effective for face or body, but if you really need results on a budget, a chemical peel would be most effective at the least expensive price point. A series is most effective but you will see nice results after just one!

The cozy-chic office of Skincare by Amy Peterson.

Q:  What are the most cutting-edge skin treatments of 2021?

A: The power of mixing modalities. That is a cutting edge practice, to pair multiple treatments together. For example, injections of Qwo for cellulite is very new and works well alone, but is most effective when used hand in hand with Endospheres (which is like a lymphatic drainage massage). Also, I think Daxi, the new super long-lasting neurotoxin, is going to be huge. 

Q: What do you recommend for getting rid of acne scars or dark spots?

A: For acne scars it depends on the individual, but I have had great success with micro needling with PRP, fractional laser and Bellafill. Once again, knowing which patient is a candidate for this is key. You have to understand why you are doing each specific treatment on each person. A deep understanding of how these modalities work and on who is so important, . 

The LightStim bed at Skincare by Amy Peterson is the only one in the city.

Q:  Do you have any exclusive procedures that we can only get at your med spa?

A:   I am currently the only person to have a LightStim red light bed, Magic Hour and until recently, Glacial Rx. Innovation and beauty go hand-in-hand

Q:  Red light therapy is so hot these days, tell us more about it.

A: It’s really amazing. It’s been around for sometime for the face, but the full-body LightStim bed is very new. It helps heal and rejuvenate the skin, which is why you see it being used so often on the face. But it also helps with cellular energy production, or ATP, lowers blood pressure and promotes muscle recovery so we like to pair a session with many of our treatments.

Q: What are some must-have skincare products you recommend?

A:  I’m obsessed with Futures beauty drops. Medical Beauty Research (MBR) Neck & Bust cream, Biologique Recherche’s P50, Alastin Sunscreen, and MBR’s Liquid Surgery Serum… it’s $2,000 but worth every penny! 

Q: What goes into a consultation? 

A:  I always hand the person a mirror and find out what their real concerns are. I want to know all the products they use and what treatments they’ve had in the past – including how they’ve responded. Then, I’ll tell them what I see and we determine a plan of action together. It’s usually a combination of devices. Rarely is there just one that will do everything for them. I’m also usually assessing – and letting them know if they fall into either the maintenance or corrective categories. Maintenance is a lot more fun and can make people “glow” so I try to get people to be proactive. Correction is less fun, but the results are worth it. 

Q: Do you ever do virtual consultations for people who can’t come in?

A: Yes I do on occasion, but I ask for photos in lots of different lights. Even then, it’s hard to make a comprehensive plan without an in-person. You just can’t see things like thickness and underlying issues that are easier to tell in person. In the end, we’ll be meeting in person anyways, so it’s usually just to give a general sense of what we will be doing.

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