The sun is shining, the flowers have bloomed, the kids are out of school and the temperatures are rising – especially in Miami. It’s officially summer, which means more sweat, more heat, and a much-needed shift in skincare and makeup.  So, what items should you switch out and which new products are most exciting? We’ve picked our favorites (all tried and tested), below. 

Sunscreens + Tinted Moisturizers

If you don’t wear an SPF year-round, you definitely need one now. But, where to begin? And how do you wear them under makeup? And does makeup with SPF count? (hint: usually not). Some helpful clarifications:

GloSkin Beauty Oil-Free SPF 40
  • Experts recommend at least ¼ teaspoon of product to cover you face and an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • When it comes to makeup with SPF, you likely won’t use enough of the product to get the claimed protection. Some tinted SPFs (different than tinted moisturizer with SPF, #confusing), can be enough sun protection when they’re not as thick- see below.  
  • You can put a moisturizer underneath SPF. We recommend oil-free (unless you have dry skin). And you should put SPF under makeup (even ones with SPF). This is how the pros do it. 

The Best of SPF:

  • ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel: There’s a reason this Korean beauty product has a cult following. It’s lightweight and thin but has the ultimate protection (SPF 50 blocks UVB while the PA+++ blocks UVA. So, you get aging + skin cancer protection). It also layers really well over moisturizer, if you need both. 
  • GloSkin Beauty Oil-Free SPF 40: For those who need some hydration, but don’t want a separate moisturizer and SPF (high humidity, clogged pores, lazy), this product does it all but still feels lightweight. UVA + UVB protection, hyaluronic acid for moisture and antioxidants to protect skin.
  • If you need even more moisture, the Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day fluid is a really nice moisturizing and cooling formula. 
  • Summer often requires a lighter moisturizer as well, and Aveno’s Calm + Restore Oat Gel is lovely (no SPF). It’s lightweight and soothing, non-greasy, layers beautifully and works for sensitive skin. It’s not a heavy night cream if your skin is dry, but it’s perfect for every other need. 
Wander Beauty Pack Up & Glow Primer SPF 40

SPF Under Makeup:

  • Finding the perfect SPF under makeup isn’t easy, but Wander Beauty’s Pack Up & Glow Priming SPF really hit the mark. The hint of tint counteracts the white cast often found in mineral sunscreens. It has a gorgeous, glowy finish and a velvety feel. Layers perfectly with makeup. 

Tinted SPF:

If something is too tinted (like a makeup), you probably won’t use enough of it to get sun protection. So, find a light coverage product or layer an SPF underneath. 

  • The GloSkin Beauty C-Shielf Anti-Pollution Tint may be my favorite new product of 2023. It’s a skincare (vitamin C and squalene), sunscreen (SPF 30), and makeup “hero” product. And unlike other products, I can use a lot of this without looking or feeling heavy, which means real sun protection.  The buildable formula has a velvety feel and a touch of coverage, but leaves a nice glow. If you’re walking outside or going to an outdoor lunch and need real SPF but also a nice skin look, this is your jam. 
  • Iris & Romeo Weekend Skin: Warm Glow is an all-in-one workhorse kind of product. It includes age-reversing vitamin C, SPF 50, and Niacinamide which smooths skin. It gives a glowy tint to even out tone (read: little coverage). It looks nice alone or under makeup – like their popular foundation, Best Skin Days
Iris & Romeo Weekend Skin


  • From baking to blotting to undereye brightening and foundation, powder can be a summer savior.  Wander Beauty is a new line for me, and I’m so glad I tried their Wanderlust Powder Foundation, a favorite of beauty insiders (and now a favorite of mine). I hate the feeling of too much “stuff” on my face (or hands) but love the idea of coverage you don’t feel and you can sweep on with a big fluffy brush. Most powder foundations end up looking caky or dry or shimmery or translucent on me, but this one is perfect. Light, sensitive, smooth, and great coverage (ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Hibiscus Extracts). The first day I tried this, someone on ZOOM said my skin looked really good. #winner. 
  • Cream blushes seem to be all the rage for a glowy, sunkissed summer look. But most of them sink right into my skin, especially in the heat, leaving no color. Enter Rose Inc’s Cream Blush Lip & Cheek Color.  This one really stays. And it looks beautiful on eyes, too – making it perfect for travel. I have the color Delphine, a beautiful peachy/nude.  
  • Save yourself from trying expensive highlighter sand go with the Flower Beauty Liquid Highlight. This dots on easily and blends in perfectly. It stays even when you sweat and has a really natural finish. 
  • Often in the heat, you want to switch super creamy base products to something more matte. Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage concealer and Matte Liquid foundation both give excellent coverage with a matte (but not drying) finish. If you have dry or wrinkly under eyes, be sure to use an eye cream under the concealer, but once you do, you’ll get great coverage. 


SpaLife Cooling Eye Pads
  • One of the most powerful skincare ingredients is Vitamin C, and it’s particularly effective when combined with sunshine. Brandefy’s fan-favorite 15% Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum is a brightening, anti-aging product that’s great for sensitive skin. It’s very similar to Skinceuticals CE Ferulic (the website features a side-by-side comparison and even the smells are identical), but is one-quarter the cost. 
  • We’ve all heard the “hack” about putting cold cucumbers on puffy eyes, but who has time for that? Save yourself the trouble and throw these SpaLife Cooling Eye Pads in the fridge. Then, after long travels or a big night out, throw them on and let them do their magic.
  • Lily and Meil’s Rose Quartz face Roller improves circulation, reduces puffiness and promotes lymphatic drainage. Face rollers are also an excellent way to absorb serums and oils, and are summer saviors when your skin is parched from the sun or you want that perfect pre-makeup glow.
Lily & Miel Rose Quartz

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