MiMi is the Official Media Sponsor for Surfrider Foundation’s “Surfrider Beach House” Party Nov. 15th. Here’s All The Reasons You Should Attend.

MiMi is proud to support Surfrider Foundation’s upcoming annual event they’re calling Surfrider Beach House, taking place at Nikki Beach on Friday, November 15th from 8-11pm. Champions of surf and sand, Surfrider’s annual blast is a Polynesian-themed party with hula performers, Tahitian dancers, fire performers, ukulele musicians, DJ’s and visual artists. Please support clean oceans, clean beaches, and ocean-friendly public policy by attending. Buy your tax-deductible tickets here. But, really, why should you go? Let MiMi count the 5 important ways.

There will be so much free bubbly and mezcal inside your body, by 11pm you’ll actually believe you’re an endangered sea creature that’s been magically saved

One of the sponsors is Provocativo Cava, a luxurious Spanish bubbly that will tickle your mouth with freshness and unadulterated whimsy. Because it only comes in magnums, smuggling a bottle out in your trousers will be impossible, forcing you to gleefully share it with “only your best friends.” It will flow like rain, so, you know, get way past happy. Chase it with mezcal for “look at me! I’m a sea turtle!” hallucinations.

It’s Polynesian themed, so get lei’d

Hawaii. Tahiti. Samoa. Moana. These are sexy words that conjure volcanos and leis and crystal waters and 87% naked islanders. Surfrider Beach House will feature fire dancers, hula dancers, ukulele players and feel all sorts of South Pacific-y. Not only do you need to get lei’d, you need more fire in your life.

It’s at the oceanfront Nikki Beach, ripe for post-party skinny dipping

Nikki Beach is quite simply the most magical outdoor event space in Miami. The trees. The sand. The transportive visuals of elevated daybeds and white teepees and meandering pathways that whisk you to faraway dreamscapes. Post-event, you’ll be mere steps away from that skinny dipping night swim you’ve been planning your entire life.

Miami’s oceans are a pooped-up trainmess

What’s the matter? Fecal matter. Miami’s water treatment facilities and pipeways (read: poop) are constantly broken and breaking, with over a dozen “Don’t swim in the ocean today unless you want #2 in your eyeballs” warnings issued by Miami-Dade County in 2019 alone. Surfrider Foundation helps monitor ocean cleanliness and warns the public – they’re nice that way. Join their Facebook to get alerts.


You’ll meet so many nice people from Surfrider Foundation, your path to volunteerism will include the sunny beach for the rest of your natural life

Let’s face it – you need to get off of Instagram and YouTube and Netflix and get more volunteerism in your life. So get outside, jump in the ocean, make new friends, and keep Miami’s beaches as beautiful as they deserve to be.

Buy your tax-deductible tickets here.

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